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"Smash through the barriers holding you back, create your best self in an environment that's engaging and supportive!"

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All these people came to us with the same goal in mind - to improve their bodies and feel better both physically and mentally. If you feel it's time to make a change and want our help in taking the next step in forming your ideal version of you, contact us or schedule a class today. Lets get it started!

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it's worked for others, it'll work for you

Because of Burn Zone I was able to wear my pre-baby jeans!


January 10, 2021

Since joining the Burn Zone i've lost 9" total!


February 10, 2021

I lost 62 pounds in 2020! Thank You Burn Zone!


March 10, 2021

Achieve your perfect body in a way that works for you

Private Sessions

Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Private sessions will provide you with individualized support and attention for you to achieve your unique fitness goals. With custom diet and workout plans, your ideal body and your best self are closer than you might think. Whether your goals look like weight loss, muscle gain, or both, tell us what you want to work on, and we'll create a plan specific to you so you can progress as efficiently as possible. Put in the work, and we will too. 

Group workouts

Hop into one of our group classes where you'll be pushed to achieve your fitness goals in a welcoming, supportive, high energy atmosphere. Pick a time that's best for you, with morning and evening workouts available during the week and a full body pump on Saturday mornings. For just $100 per month, ($75 for students) and $10 drop ins, our top notch classes are readily available and affordable. Bring a friend and receive $25 off! Not to mention your first week of classes is FREE! 

With direct and encouraging coaching, we'll provide you with that extra push you need so that you can achieve your dream body. The challenge is what makes it worth it, all you have to do is bring your motivation, and we'll help you do the rest.


Monday- Leg day!

Tuesday- shoulders

Wednesday- back & biceps

Thursday- chest & triceps

Saturday-full body


Need help finding motivation?

We've got you

Our gym is equipped with MyZone, a group fitness tracker that monitors your heart rate, how many calories you've burned, and your effort level during workouts both in and out of the gym! You'll be able to track how much progress you've made and have a friendly competition in a judgement free atmosphere based on how hard you work, not your overall fitness level. You'll find that extra push you've been looking for to stay consistent with your workouts and achieve results you might never have thought were possible!

Easy setup and use, connects with your phone for in or out of the gym!

Real time scoreboard - turns working out into a friendly competition based on effort, not fitness level. So to make it to the top just give us your all!

Stay engaged with your workout. Its not a chore anymore, it's a game!


About us

The BurnZone truly is dedicated to making an impact beyond the scale. The main goal is to help everyone feel great. Being able to push your body and mind to new heights will feel better than any number you can see on the scale. The name of the game is no longer to look great, but to let your body and mind work as one. Changing your mindset to embrace the challenge will push you to live beyond your potential. 


Burn zone 

Fitness Beyond the Scale 

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